Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Imaging Scanner Review

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The Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 document image scanner is designed to handle large batch scanning jobs with little user intervention. It has a large capacity document feeder, so you can load it and start the scan job and walk away. It electronically captures one or two sided documents depending on your needs. It handles a variety of document sizes as small as a standard business card. It has an easy to read LCD display on the operator panel for easy to follow operation.

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The workforce pro scanner from Epson is powerful machine that is designed to scan large batches of documents in a matter of minutes. It can scan 25 pages per minutes (50 images per minute if scanning two sides) and it works with most of the industry leading software. It uses dual CCD sensors to scan both sides simultaneously to improve the speed of each scanning task.

Epson WorkForce GT-S50 Features

  • Scans ID cards, business cards and documents up to 8.5×36 inches
  • Scans both sides of a page in just one pass
  • Auto document feeder holds 75 pages
  • 25 ppm and 50 ipm scan speeds
  • 16 x 11.5 x 12.2 inches and weights 15.2 pounds

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The document handling of the epson gt-s50 scanner is very versatile, its 75 sheet capacity will handle a wide range documents from a standard sized business card up to an 8.5 x 36 sheet of paper. It will also handle mixed sized documents at the same time and not skip a beat. You just load the documents and select the job and walk away. It does it all for you with very little to no intervention necessary.

It is simple to operate through the control panel where you can preset up to 10 user defined scanning jobs and they can be accessed with a single button. There is also a two-line x16 character LCD screen which will display scan job names as well as scanning functions.

The compact size of the epson workforce pro gt-s50 allows it to fit nicely in any office environment. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS’s and it connects using any high speed USB 2.0 port on your PC. It comes with both Twain and ISIS drivers. The software CD includes PDF, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and document management software.

Epson GT-S50 Review

After reading through many reviews posted online for the epson workforce gt-s50 document image scanner most of the comments were very positive. According to one reviewer it fits perfect into their desire to go paperless in their business and it helped them with archivng boxes of stored documents. Another reviewer liked how it worked well with most of the data management software. Another reviewer pointed out that the large capacity ADF is great and it handles mixed size documents. Click here to read more reviews.

Not all of the comments were positive however; a few negatives were talked about with the Workfoce Pro GT-S50. According to one of the reviewers the software is very buggy at best and would recommend you use a different software all together. Another reviewer pointed out that they had issues with the documents being pulled in askwed and jams a lot. Despite a few of the negative comments it has received an average 4 star rating on from 371 reviewers.

After looking at the positives and negatives I would say that the 4 star rating would make it a definite good choice and I would recommend it. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

E. R Weiss September 18th, 2011 (#)

I own my own small (3 attorney) law firm and we are going towards a paperless office. We get a lot of paper, and fast, reliable scanning is a must.

I have a huge 45 ppm Xerox Workcentre multifunction machine at the office, but I wanted something much smaller and less expensive for my home office that I could use if I worked from there.

I looked long and hard for a scanner that I could use to scan documents quickly into PDF format. I wanted something with a relatively small form factor, a high scan speed, and an easy user interface. I did not want a scanner that would jam, even if it occasionally had to scan documents that were folded, bent, etc.

This scanner fits the bill perfectly on all counts. It is small, fast, reliable, and makes great scans. It is super easy to learn to use – five minutes, tops, once you get it set up (which took another five minutes, maybe ten with the software installation).

My one complaint is that the software user interface could be more streamlined (fewer clicks for a default scan job) and I wish the software didn’t automatically add in a document number (“0001,” etc.) or a time/date stamp at the end of every file name. There is no way to turn that off (you have to choose one or the other), so if you want to name your files without the numbers, you have to do it manually after creating the file. It’s an inconvenience that I hope they fix, because apart from that, this little machine has been absolutely perfect. It is a fantastic value for the money.

D. Streit November 15th, 2011 (#)

My Epson GT-S50 is exactly what I wanted. I use Docsvault Professional to scan in documents to PDF in my laptop. The GT-S50 makes it quick and easy to scan large documents of any size.

For example, I scanned a two-sided insurance policy of 80 pages in minutes directly into Docsvault. I can also scan using CutePDF Professional if I don’t want to scan into the Docsvault respository.

Their software can de-skew crooked pages. I particularly like that the software will recognize blank pages (with less than 2% ink coverage which is adjustable) and skip them. Only downsides: No flatbed, so I can’t scan pages from periodicals and books.

But for that, I have my old Brother MFP. The scanner is USB-only; I would have liked to see an Ethernet port, or even a wireless adapter built in. Still, I would highly recommend this scanner for moderate duplex B&W or color document scanning. For it’s intended purpose, it works very well.

Monkuboy April 2nd, 2012 (#)

I am very happy to have this document imaging scanner. My life is filled with way too much paperwork and I welcome the opportunity to store things in bytes on the hard drive instead of papers in a folder in the filing cabinet.

The Epson wasn’t very well packed when I got it. It was inside of another box, but there was no padding inside of the larger box so it bounced around all over the place before getting to me. Despite this, the unit itself was securely packaged and everything was intact.

The Epson seems to be a quality product. It is heavy, feels solidly built and the fit and finish is very good. I like the way it folds up into a small, space-saving footprint on the desk. Setup is easy. You unpack everything, load the software, plug in the USB and power cables and are good to go.

Like another reviewer, I didn’t install the Paperport software that came with it. I have had versions in the past and wasn’t too impressed with it. Basically, all I want from this is to be able to scan my documents into a PDF file for data storage so I can get rid of all this paper. OCR isn’t that important to me.

The Epson scans very quickly. I was pleased. It is so much faster and also feels much more solid that those multi-function devices that masquerade as scanners. We have an HP multi-function and it pales in comparison, both in speed and quality. Pages run through the feeder smoothly (although that is a function of the papers not being bent, wrinkled, etc.) and quickly.

The only negative thing I have is the Abby Fine Print reader software. The machine scans docs really fast but the Abby software takes kind of a long time to process them. There’s a mismatch in speed. Still, it does an adequate job.

It is on the expensive side, but you need to consider that it is built much better than the multifunction machines you see at the office warehouse stores and also much faster than them. If you really want to go paperless, don’t short change yourself and get something that is too slow because you will get frustrated.

I am very happy to have the Epson. It was thoughtfully designed, well constructed, operates quickly and takes up hardly any space. It’s a really nice product. I am also very happy at the prospect of going paperless.

I am still using this scanner and it works great. I love it. It scans fast and it is so nice to be able to scan to a file and save it on the hard drive instead of having all that paper lying around. The only negative is that sometimes the scan will be a bit crooked but I can live with that. I am very happy I have this.

Laura H July 11th, 2012 (#)

My scanning needs are pretty simple but specific, and this scanner met my needs right out of the box. Setup was a breeze, even though originally I would have liked a written manual instead of only online instructions.

After setting it up using the “quick setup” page that came with the scanner, I realized I didn’t need anything else! I have double sided paper that I need to scan in amounts of 10-20 and then create a pdf file of the scanned sheets.

Previously I was using a single sheet fed scanner, and it would take me easily 20 minutes or so for each file I needed to create with a pass required for each side, and really hard to “multi-task” while scanning. The Epson scanned the double sided pages with one pass in about 30 seconds.

It even scans the wrinkly pages my students spill food all over! Processing took about 90 seconds longer, but easy to multitask while that happened. It was very easy to add other files to scanned files and create pdf folders using the software I have. I already had the full Acrobat 9, and everything was seamless, so didn’t install the PaperPort software.

Needed to rename files so I could easily find what I need later, but no big deal at all. I’m catching up on 3 months of paperwork (yep, I was avoiding scanning because it was such a hassle), and I would say it is taking me about 10% of the time it would have before.

Scanning used to be the bane of my existence, and now it’s almost fun because it is so quick! Even though my needs are pretty simple, this scanner was TOTALLY worth the price just based on the amount of time I will save, and how clean my desk will be without the annoying piles of paper that need to be scanned!

Brian A. Besch September 25th, 2012 (#)

This scanner is easy to use and does a very good job. I had some jamming issues but have determined what was causing it and the problem has been solved. Quality and speed of scanning is superb.

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