Fujitsu FI-6130 Sheet-fed Scanner Review

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If you’re searching for a quality-scanning machine that can do great jobs for you, you need to try Fujitsu fi-6130 sheet-fed scanner. It’s one of the most efficient scanners you can ever get in the recent times. Click here to SAVE $104.99 on the Fujitsu fi-6130 sheetfed scanner for a limited time only!

The Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner scans 18 doubled sided pages in one minute. It is also capable of creating searchable PDF files automatically. The machine can easily scan directly to MS Office Applications. It also has the ability to organize business card information in a quick manner.  The machine increases productivity in a greater dimension. It has an improved functionality, which can take your business to greater heights.

Fujitsu fi-6130 Scanner Features

  • Scans 18 double-sided pages per minute
  • Instantly creates searchable PDF files
  • Scans directly to Microsoft Office Applications
  • Quickly organize business card information
  • Increase productivity with enhanced functionality
  • Measures 6.4 x 11.8 x 6.2 inches and weights 9.3 pounds

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There are a lot of advantages you stand to gain when you make use of the fujitsu scanner fi-6130.  It comes with user-friendly features. It also has an auto paper size detection feature, which speeds the process of scanning.  It has the capacity to carry out duplex color scanning.  The machine has an optical resolution of 600 dpi.  It has a color mode of 150 dpi. It also has the ability to scan documents in A4, A5, and A6 paper sizes.   This double-sided scanner also accommodates custom paper sizes including B5 and B6.  You can always adjust the paper size the way you prefer.  The machine comes with a USB interface for proper connection and installation to a computer system.  It weighs 5.9 lbs.

The only negative point about the machine is that documents do occasionally get stuck or crumpled in it especially when you fail to set them well in the feeder. Again, the machine is usually known to be very expensive when compared to many other scanners.

Fujitsu fi-6130 Review

The positive customer reviews seen in Amazon concerning the machine are actually very encouraging.   So many customers have bought the machine and are using it profitably.  The machine has 87 customer reviews currently at Amazon.  It also received 5 stars rating from 61 customers, 4 stars from 13 customers.  Most of reviews highlighted the reliability and durability of the machine. A good number of the reviews also stated that the fujitsu fi-6130 scanner is very easy to use.  Click here to read these reviews.

Currently, there are no too much negative reviews about the machine. The only negative comment is the fact that the fujitsu 6130 can get your documents crumpled especially when you fail to put the documents well into the paper feeder.  Again, some customer reviews maintained that the machine is very costly.  Apart from these 2 seemingly negative points, the rest of the customer reviews are full of praises about the machine.

In all, the Fujitsu fi-6130 sheet-fed scanner remains a very efficient scanner you can always use.  The machine is readily available for purchase at Amazon and many other reliable online portals. It’s actually a powerful scanner that can make your work very fast. You stand the unique opportunity of benefitting a lot from the machine when you succeed in locating the best of its models. This fujitsu sheet fed scanner can be bought through for a $104.99 discount. We couldn’t find a better price anywhere else. Click here to check it out.


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Customer Reviews

peterb0037 November 3rd, 2011 (#)

This is an excellent machine. Its quick both in scanning the paper, and also creating the file on your PC. Its virtually unjammable. I have completed about 500 scans so far – including many batches containing mixed paper types and sizes – it hasn’t jammed once.

The machine came with three sets of software. I have been using the Kofax VRS software in conjunction with the Adobe software. Both are really easy to use and quick! I have a small business and I’m going paperless. For my application I honestly can’t fault it.

Some of the other reviewers have commented that the price is high. I initially bought a cheaper scanner for half the price (a different brand). I ended up returning it because it wasn’t able to scan even a small batch of standard 80 gsm A4 paper without jamming. This Fujitsu is worth every penny.

S. Sarabia February 26th, 2012 (#)

Has helped our process time at business. Small enough to put on desk top and scans so quickly.

Great access to any business it was recommened to us by our Accountent and we give it the thumbs up.

C. Damme May 1st, 2012 (#)

This is a great scanner, but the real magic lies in the Kofax VRS capture-preparation software bundled with the product. (Kofax VRS is an image enhancement tool to improve the quality of your scans.)

I bought a Fujitsu 5120c several years ago when I decided to go paperless. It has run flawlessly for three years and is still going strong, albeit on a computer running WinXP x32. When I decided to buy another scanner for use at home, I chose this model as the successor to the 5120c.

I recently bought a new laptop with Win7 x64 pre-installed. Fujitsu has kept their drivers and software up-to-date and both run under the 64-bit OS. The problem lies with Kofax. While Kofax VRS is the single best reason to buy the scanner, it does not work under Win7 x64.

The Kofax website will not tell you this fact, but the installation program announces that Kofax has not been certified to run on Win7 x64 and advises that you are installing at your own risk. No amount of fiddling could get Kofax to communicate with Acrobat under Win7 x64. [I saw a post somewhere indicating that the Fujitsu ISIS driver will allow Kofax to communicate with Acrobat under Win7 x64, but was not able to make that solution work myself.]

My preferred method of operation is to scan to PDF files via Acrobat with the Kofax TWAIN driver. That method has proved simple, direct, and accurate in the past. Under Win7 x64 I get an error message that “Acrobat cannot communicate to [sic] this device [the Kofax driver]”. Kofax support options are non-existent for OEM licensees. You are on your own when you buy a bundled copy of Kofax.

Things got so bad I considered downgrading the OS to either Win7 x32 or WinXP x32, but the manufacturer of my new laptop (Dell) foreclosed that option (another sorry story). I finally hit upon the idea of creating a virtual machine running WinXP x32 and installing Kofax on the virtual machine. (I used VirtualBox because it was free; VMware would also work, although it is expensive.)

This solution worked quite well. I am now able to scan to PDF with the Kofax TWAIN driver. I have cloned the VM and saved it as a “virtual appliance” which can be moved to different computers, giving me the added benefit of being able to scan from the VM while running Linux as the host OS.

Kofax must account for at least half the purchase price of this scanner, if not more. The full retail version of Kofax costs over of $1,000. The steps required to get this scanner working with Kofax under anything but WinXP x32 are complex, time-consuming, and not for those of restless temperament.

Microsoft and its OEM co-conspirators have rammed a 64-bit OS down the throats of customers. Developers of niche market applications like Kofax have not been able to keep up. When Kofax is able to write native 64-bit code that will run on Win7 x64, this scanner will again become out-of-the-box friendly. I highly recommend this product used with WinXP x32. If you are running any other OS, you can still enjoy the magic of Kofax, but it will require a lot of work.

The VM solution was neither as fast nor as stable as I had hoped. I finally gave up and purchased another computer (this time a white-box assembled locally) and installed Win7 x32. I can report that all software installed correctly and the scanner is runs great.

I’m able to do everything I did with the 5120c under WinXP, only faster and with slightly better results. Final evaluation: The hardware gets five stars, the documentation gets one star (really poor translations from the Chinese, if you are understood what I mean to say by this). Kofax gets five stars for output, one star for support, and zero stars for not telling customers that their product does not work under Win7 x64. This has been an expensive education with a lot of down-time for a mission-critical application.

Steve Clarfield June 1st, 2012 (#)

Having used scanners from Canon, Xerox, Lanier, Visioneer and Epson, I have a good base from which to compare this scanner. It is excellent! The feed mechanism on this scanner is superior to all prior scanners I have used, including other scanners in this price range.

This unit has multiple rollers located in the base and cover that spin at different speeds to pull only one sheet at a time. In other scanners, folded paper – like documents received in an envelop – will double/multi feed.

I have not had a single double feed with this unit. I am using it with File Center Pro software to convert more than 1,600 legal files to paperless .pdf format.

I was so impressed with this unit that I now have 4 of them in the office, each going at least 8 hours per day with virtually no jams or double feeds. It’s worth the money for an office setting where you don’t have time for jams and double feeds.

A. Buchfuhrer September 5th, 2012 (#)

This scanner works quite well and scans quickly. The software is a little difficult to figure out (this is my fist high speed document scanner) but it seems to do everything the competition does but even better and faster.

We scan lots of single pages, double sided pages, insurance cards and drivers licenses and it has worked very well.

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