Xerox DocuMate 152 Color Sheetfed Scanner Review

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The Xerox Documate 152 color sheetfed scanner can handle almost everything ranging from oversized, business cards and checks to legal. It is fast and flexible. The USB 2.0 interface is used for play capabilities, plug and simplest of connections. It transforms photos and volumes of paper into well-represented data or files that can be shared, used and quickly found. The user can directly search phrases or documents for keywords, in PDF format.

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Xerox Documate 152 Scanner Features

The Xerox Documate 152 scanner converts documents into searchable PDF files within just a touch. It can scan 30 images per minute; compact duplex scanner holds 50pages ADF capacity with 9 one touch pre-programmed “scan-to” destinations, and more than $400 in bundled software.

The Documate 152 provides a very competent software bundle that involves nuance omnipage pro and paper port, which comes with the latest Twain driver to ease communication with professional electronic content management (ECM) software applications. The Xerox documate 152 color document scanner scans up to 36 images per minute (ipm) and 18 pages per minute (ppm) , involving a 50- page automatic document feeder. It can scan documents in Searchable PDF files.

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The Xerox documate 152 document scanner incorporates visioneer one touch technology and is designed mainly for desktop usage. It has the following system requirements; windows 7, Xp SP1 & 2, or 2000 SP4, vista, Pentium 1v or equivalent, DVD-Rom drive, 1GB for windows 7, available USB port,  350 MB free hard disk space. Inside the box includes; USB 2.0 cable, power supply, technical support card, quick install card, and so on. For all the relevant information about this scanner, read the PC magazine review, July 2006 edition.

Xerox Documate  152 Review

The reviews for the Xerox DocuMate 152 sheet-fed scanner are pretty good but they are a bit mixed. On the xerox 152 received a 3.8 star rating out of a possible 5 stars, which is not terrible but not great either. On other sites, the reviews were better. One review point out the Xerox documate 152 sheet fed scanner deletes the all the pages scanned before an error occurs. This is the greatest software flaw.  Some users thinks 150 dpi is too low for anything with pictures or images. In this case, the scanner can only scan 1.6 pages per minute. The opening is very limited in size, and most times, it takes 2-3 times before the lines will really vanish. These are some of the downsides of Xerox documate scanner.

Many people rely on Paperport to save money and time by changing paper documents into searchable digital documents. Paperport combines the convenience of superbly scanned documents, the efficiency of document management and the power of creating PDF files. The machine is also very easy to install and set up.

In all, Xerox Documate 152 color sheet fed scanner can transform the volumes of photos or paper into organized digital files that can be shared, used and quickly found. Thus, it provides additional archival benefits beyond the widely recognized PDF format and traditional storage.  Click here to SAVE $290.99 on the Xerox DocuMate 152 Color Sheetfed Scanner for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

B. Falk October 1st, 2011 (#)

We bought 3 of these for our office and use them a lot. They are very robust. Recently one user had problems with the scanner driver crashing on their PC.

Xerox/Visioneer support was very good. Toll free call, CSRs where located in the US (not out sourced to India or some other job stealing country), and the CSRs listen and don’t make you repeat steps you have already taken.

Only cons is that you can’t re-install the drivers from the support website. The CD has a key driver component that is not included with the drivers on the website, so don’t lose that CD.

Ror Meister November 12th, 2011 (#)

The scanner is perfectly capable and in fact does a very good job on 20 or fewer pages per set. However, there is a wear item that they don’t warn you about. It’s called a ADF Pad assembly. They provide an extra one “Free” with every scanner. The wear part is a little silicone rubber pad smaller than a postage stamp.

To get a replacement from Xerox will cost you $99.99 for a “cleaning kit, that has two pads and some alcohol pads and swabs. BUT, if you call to bring this to their attention, they WILL make a special deal for you at $29.95 per assembly IF you have a bulk order of 24 or so.

I am going to find some 1/16” silicon rubber sheeting and cut my own. Should come out to about $0.10 per fix.

F456 December 8th, 2011 (#)

Dainty little machine when the paper trays are in their folded up positions. Still quite small looking with the trays folded out. Have been working with the machine perched on my desktop tower case.

Mostly works like a champ. Once you learn the software and get it configured for what you are doing, you put in a stack of sheets and push the button and (except for problems noted below) you come back several minutes later and you have a PDF with the scanned images of the pages with searchable text.

The caveats are as follows:

While regular printer/copier paper rarely misfeeds, notebook paper sometimes has problems with more that one sheet being grabbed at a time.

In cases where the pages had been torn at perforations (think old tractor feed paper) sometimes the scanner will get partway through a job and then can’t get the next sheet to feed without some help from the user.

The out tray has an upwards curvature in it which can make a feeding sheet push around the top sheet in the output tray. Sometimes a previous page gets dumped on the floor and the rest of the output stack is usually a bit disheveled. This more of a problem with wrinkled, torn or hole punched sheets than with sheets in good condition.

On the input tray the adjustable side guides do not go up far enough. With a large stack of paper some sheets will start feeding slightly askew but then straighten out gradually as they feed. The result is a scanned image that has a slight curvature in the image. Cutting down on how many pages in a stack and vigilance on checking the guides to eliminate slop helps a lot.

Have had a few problems with driver seeming to freeze. Cycling the scanner power usually un-seizes things.

A magazine review claimed that the scanner included OmniPage Pro 14, however, mine was shipped with Omnipage Pro 12. OCR accuracy seems pretty good but of couple of options that the scanner owners manual describes as appearing in certain dialog boxes simply aren’t there on my computer.

There’s a bit of a learning curve for the included software. The front end they created to simplify managing scanning and OCR has a decent amount of power but the interface seems a bit clunky to me for anyone who wants customize for a wide variety of paper sizes and contrasts.

On an X2 4200+ machine scanning at 200 dpi on both sides of page the OCR did not keep up with scanning and the front end does not appear to allow new scan to start till OCR is fully completed with previous batch of sheets so I could not keep the scanner more than perhaps 50% active.

If it had shipped with OmniPage Pro 14, I would have given it 4 stars.

Paul Hyman April 12th, 2012 (#)

I got this scanner in order to convert lots of old paper records to PDF files. It has worked just as I hoped. It scans quickly, even scanning double sided documents in a single pass, and rarely ever mis-feeds or reads two sheets at once.

OCR is not perfect, but this is a problem with the OCR software, not the scanner. I have yet to find OCR software that works really well. However, I generally just scan documents as 200 dpi images since I don’t really need to convert them to text.

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