Kodak PS410 Picture Saver Sheet-Fed Scanning System Review

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The Kodak Ps410 picture saver sheet-fed scanning system produces revenue and high-value new market stream for your business; instantly, it helps to move hundreds, thousands and even millions of their postcards, pictures and other personal souvenirs into digital files. It is fast and easy to use; you can safely and quickly scan them, enhance and restore image quality, and return digital images on Portable USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and even Kodak picture CDs. We found Amazon.com is offering a 10% discount on Kodak Picture Saver PS410 sheet-fed scanner. Click here to check it out.

Kodak Picture Saver Ps410 Features

The Kodak Ps410 scanner has smart touch functionality, this simplify operations and saves time. It has an auto feeder that holds up to 25 to 30 pictures per minute, and has a great productive system for customers. This captures more than 30 4 x 6 inch pictures per minute at 300 dpi. The Post-scan image sharpening is essential to increase the crispness of originals.

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To improve its productivity, you should add more photos, up to 25-picture auto feeder during scanning. Kodak perfect touch has image retouching that helps you to contrast, color balance and digitally adjust brightness to restore older pictures. The ps410 image scanner captures both sides of documents and pictures, and has automatic orientation of images. To minimize artifacts from environmental factors, such as dust, you need software-based image cleaning. To take charge of fragile or oversize photos, bound materials, and documents, you need optional A3 and A4. For proper image, automatic image straightening is highly recommended. To enhance your workflow, and to control how photos are scanned, change settings mid-job.

Kodak Ps410 Review

Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this sheet-fed scanner is a five star rating. On Amazon.com the Kodak PS410 scanner system received a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. The Kodak Ps410 picture scanner involves document separation module, power supply, instructions for installation, USB software dongle, pre-separation pad (option for document scanning), starter pack of cleaning supplies, smart touch application for document scanning, picture saver scanning software, gentle photo handling, set up and operation with Kodak warranty.

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According to customer reviews, the biggest challenge and difficulty is keeping the unit clean.  You will spend greater part of your time more than you can imagine running the cleaning paper by opening it and through it, you will follow the rest of the cleaning exercise. In every 30 photos, you need to do the cleaning at least 100 – 150 photos. The autocorrect feature uses a lot of CPU power and sometimes is very slow.

Kodak ps410 picture saver helps its users to digitize keepsake documents, photo prints, and picture collections and so on.  Great businesses will profit a service-oriented revenue opportunity when they use this system. Furthermore, the digital images supply monetizing opportunities for those businesses and organizations that offer services and premium photo products for files and digital images. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

James Tee July 21st, 2012 (#)

Shortly put, this scanner is amazing albeit pricey. It’s exactly what we wanted – you can take groups of photos of any orientation/size, and just put them into the feeder. It really does scan at about 30photos/min at 300dpi; we scanned at 600dpi and it probably got through almost 20 per minute. It has a fairly small footprint (we packed it in our carry-on and have been taking it to our various family gatherings across the continent to digitize family photos that could otherwise be lost to disaster/fire, or keep the box it comes in and just throw the box into your checkin luggage (survived several flights without problems so far!). A few minor downsides to the scanner in our 3 weeks of experience with it thus far:

1. Works best if you can arrange to have a flatbed scanner handy as well. The reason is that if you’re going through old photos, you may come across the rare photo that is oversize (ie. greater than letter size) which may not fit in the scanner. Also, teh scanner does have problems with really small photos (ie. 1″ x 2″ photos don’t always get detected readily). Thirdly, if you have photos in one of those old lined-sticky albums, you may have trouble getting your photos out without tearing them and may want to opt for using a flatbed scanner.

2. Though the scanner program has an autorotate option, it doesn’t work well especially when there are no faces in the photos for it to autodetect. Rotating photos 90degrees is easily achieved with a push of a button, but the program lacks a button to rotate photos 180degrees with a single push (you have to click 90degrees rotation twice). This seems like a small concern, but when you have 2500+ photos to go through and manually rotate, you will begin to wish a 180degree rotation button existed.

3. The scanner requires an included USB-activator key to be plugged into the scanning computer at the same time for use. I worry about losing the USB key at some point, but I guess from a business perspective it prevents folks from stealing the scanner as you can keep the usbkey separately and it likely renders the scanner useless without it.

Kodak Scanners August 28th, 2012 (#)

I found this article whilst looking for other information on kodak scanners however I have to say this review is really good. The kodak ps410 is fast becoming one of kodaks best selling scanners and you can see why.

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